About Triangle Recording Studios

All of your needs can be met in one place. The Triangle Recording Studios effect is what you have been subconsciously seeking. The services offered supercede the original/classical components of a Studio’s expertise. Jahmane Bright a/k/a Nu York is a talented Audio Engineer, Producer, Arranger, Songwriter and an extraordinary Musician compelling ears to swoon over his customized beats. Mr. Bright hails from a strong business background which plateaus his ethics and leadership skills, honing him into a dynamic entrepreneur.

Triangle Recording Studios, founded in 2003 has been an outlet for all Artists strewn from different walks of life. Whether it is a Gospel preacher recording breathtaking Hymns for next Sunday’s service; or an Opera singer revising their concertos for the Philharmonic Society. This phenom excels by creatively tapping into your gift to heighten your audio capabilities digitally, and by the end of the session you will insist on paying him more than his nominal fee. He is also extremely well versed in several areas of the music industry.

New York has the ability to be an iconic Hip Hop Artist; however he chooses to use his microphone differently in his current realm of reality. He is well aware of the struggles of life, especially having faced so many obstacles in his youth. The odds were tremendously stacked up against him, yet he was able to stare adversity in its eyes and say “I am New York, your negativity is un-welcomed; I will excel and you will fade away.” New York has been blessed with countless opportunities to build his repertoire.

Once deemed a promising Intern at Sony Urban Music, he worked his way up the ladder and gained a full time spot mastering every skill obtained for over two years. In his early career he met and worked with Donald McPherson, and Martin Moore just to name drop. In his senior year while working at UBS as a prodigal Data Analyst he turned down a once in a lifetime opportunity to work for the world renowned Hits Factory in order to finish his senior year of high school. “This successful gene runs rampant through my veins” quotes this intellect.

With infallible moral standards he has touched every person who has ever graced the presence of Triangle Recording Studios. Mr. Bright can easily be named the future of the digital recording era. His magic will keep you on your toes, and his music will find a way to soothe your soul. Every word stated above is true. I am not only the writer of this synopsis, I am also a client. It is evident that I will never visit another Studio, and after you meet New York, neither will you……


Grammy Nominated Recording studios Est.2003

Clientele list includes artists such as:

  • French Montana
  • Fat Joe
  • Cory Gunnz
  • Max B
  • Former Rocafella R&B Star Rell
  • Writer R & B Sensation Tony Sunshine
  • Reggae Legend Frankie Paul
  • Yami Bolo
  • Mediation Brother (Background Singers For Bob Marley)
  • Grammy Nominated  2011 Poet Anne Leighton
  • Legendary Producer Jesse West Mysonnne
  • DJ Webster
  • Legendary Producer Jesse West
  • DJ Green Latern –  Grand Theft Auto IV
  • Dip Set – Jr Writer
  • DJ SuperStar Jay
  • DJ FatMan Scoop
  • Oun P
  • Nas Brave Hearts – Nashawn
  • Mysonne
  • Battle  Rap Icons Artist Goodz The Animal, Cortez and T Rex


Owner and Chief Engineer of Triangle Recording Studios 2003-Present
Sony Music Urban Epic
Czar Entertainment
Hit Factory Nyc
Cutting Recording Studios
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